The moon, after a fortnight, was all geared up to make its grand appearance in the foggy sky, while fighting the obstinate and imprudent clouds. Its tranquility was something that the whole world waited for. But above everyone, there she was, whose survival hinged on the serenity that the moon bestowed upon her. She was not some ordinary girl that you see in the movies or read in the books. She was the magic who could make every guy bide one’s time on, the miracle whose touch could bring back the sheen of deadly flowers and the charisma that could make mother nature, halt the time and keep flaunting her endless beauty.

The side walls of her room each carried the myriad master pieces, painted by her naked hands and remorse-filled heart, which could have put even the best artists to shame.

Gazing outside the window, she sat on her snug bed in her crimson hued room, cozily wrapped up in her comfy quilt. Her room was filled with heavy silence and complete darkness, and she was utterly afraid of facing the mirror attached to the wardrobe, placed right opposite to her. The side walls of her room each carried the myriad master pieces, painted by her naked hands and remorse-filled heart, which could have put even the best artists to shame, if the cluster was displayed in some art exhibition than in her four-walled room.

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It was already 10 o’ clock and innumerous thoughts started congesting her mind on not seeing the sight of the moon. The emotional senses took over her sensible senses, which ultimately made her sob. First, slow soft whimpers, which were later transformed into loud wailings. And even then, she realized, there was no one to comfort and soothe her. The only person she ever had, who she could always resort to, was already condemned for the crime that he had never done and no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t save him inspite of her repeated endeavors. To overcome this grief, she forever prisoned herself in her own room, thinking it would somehow relieve him seeing her suffer for the things, that were never in her hand. And therefore, she decided on conceding herself from the worldly pleasure and waiting for her death glass to run out of sand.

Lost in her thoughts, which were oscillating from past to present and present to past, another hour went by. She rested her head taking the support of her hands, on the windowsill and kept staring anxiously at the starry sky for the moon to be seen, while envying all the clouds which seem to be chasing and teasing her from the past few hours. The moon has been the only one since last few years, who has shared her empty nights and incomplete dreams like any lover would. Yet, it has kept her waiting every fortnight to reveal itself completely, making her all the more eager and curious before their every meeting. But this time, the clouds too were involved in the affair, standing between them like the villain. And as she was blankly looking at the clouds, as if to belittle them for coming between two lovers, the clouds made their way for the moon and rejoiced the reunion of two lovers.

Her face sparkled brighter than ever with the beams of the moon falling directly on her face, which seemed to be kissing her and making her up for being late. The moon with its placid light, sufficed the need of companion for her and she finally slept peacefully, thinking she isn’t alone, not Today!