The flashes of the news that she saw earlier were still playing fresh in her mind. How a man whipped his wife, for failing to provide him enough bucks from her hard-earned cash to become a bit more of alcoholic monster than he already is. Her mind wandered to the thoughts about how this patriarchal society that we live in, has triumphantly defeated Hell and made it to number 1 in the list of the worst places to live in. After immemorial thought upon it, she got back with her studies still disturbed with those veracious scenes. Slowly, they faded away as she entirely got engrossed in her studies. She knew this subject had planned to consume her whole night and make her sacrifice her precious sleep.

It was already midnight and she managed to reach half way through the book and the other half of the journey was yet to be covered. Tossing between staying awake and sleeping snuggly, she knew there was no way out of this maze that her life has become. She remained equivocal, thinking it would only be unfair if she chose one option over the other. She clumsily slept in between the pages of the book every now and then, followed by the sudden awakening of her senses for the fear of not passing the examination. It was a night before the doom’s day (examination) and she was in dire need of keeping her eyes wide open, when all she felt was, slumber defeating her profound will of studying. She was drained out of energy and finally surrendered to the overpowering sleep. The remaining of her night passed amidst the pages, snoring heavily and dreaming about the doom’s day.

‘The bad dream of exam again’, she ruminated groggily and left her bed with the uttermost difficulty. She was not one of the brightest students of her grade during her school and even now things haven’t changed much. She was unparalleled observer, and babbling was the activity she did as often as she inhaled the oxygen. Pretty much all the time! What people thought of her was none of her business, albeit, she was always the curious one when someone came to talk to her about her. The most intriguing part was she never openly admitted her feelings for anything but presented her views on the world without a solo hesitation in her voice. Bathing was her favourite activity to introspect herself and plan strategies for future. And she was doing exactly that. She revised all her chapters in her mind while taking the hot detoxifying shower and felt li’l relaxed on assuring herself she would pass.

“Curiously, she went a little closer to the family, her mind all diverted from the sleep now. The sight that she was witnessing was deifinitely an unusual one”

With a lot of anxiety, she arrived at the examination centre before fifteen minutes. Book in her hands, she started reading rigorously. Mugging up the book at the last moment is the ritual in India and she was no rebel to defy that ritual. As soon as she completed writing her exam, she drowsily headed towards the parking zone for her two wheeler. The campus, she noticed now, was an extremely crowded and chaotic place. There were students scattered all over the place. Some studying, who were yet to give the paper and others talking aloud in their group or like her making plans of their hibernation.

As she made her way, something in the sight stopped her from moving any farther. She saw a family of four sitting under the shade of the tree. Inside the campus was no place to have a little picnic and the scene made no sense to her otherwise. Curiously, she went a little closer to the family, her mind all diverted from the sleep now. The sight that she was witnessing was deifinitely an unusual one. Apparently, the man was babysitting their two children, who seemed to be of 3 years old and 5 years old respectively, where as the lady was deeply immersed in her books, utilizing optimally the few minutes left before the exam.

Just yesterday, she saw the infuriating scene of a man beating his wife and today, the world seemed to be changing right infront of her eyes. She definitely enjoyed the picturesque plot that appeared to be taken right from some cliché movie that looked too good to be true. It was the clear manifestation of the good that existed in the world. That moment she realized, ‘India is, indeed, Developing!’